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Brad Nailer Decision

John McGaw
I finally got fed up with my ancient PC cordless/pneumatic brad nailer now that it failed me (batteries/motor/controls) during a rush repair job. That got me motivated to buy my first compressor. That was a Harbor Freight 10G special since I really didn't want to sink a lot of money. I've got the hose and connector set and all that but now I need something to do with it. I can, and have, tried using external air on the PC and it works but it is a clumsy beast even without its battery.

So, what do I do for a brad nailer? I don't think that I want the cheapest thing on the planet (I already did that with the compressor) so I started looking for reviews. So far the BOSTITCH BTFP12233 seems to be well-liked and, while not cheap, is a possibility. Can anyone recommend something else I might look at before I make the leap? Cheaper but still good would always be welcome.

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