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OT Battery String Trimers and

Mike L
Howdy I found a place in Crossville TN to spend the rest of my days in. It is an acre on a lake. Now that I have sold all my other yard tools because I didn't know what I would end up with in size of property etc, I am in search of new Tools(-;

I have a few DeWalt battery operated tools so I figured I would stay with them for battery usage etc.

I am finding a 20V string trimmer and a 60/20 V string trimmer along with a blower. Anyone have experience with these.

They also have a chain saw that is battery operated at 60V. I have some small trees and brush along the edge of my property I want to clear back. I have used my (corded and battery) Sawzall for cutting small limbs etc on trees many times and it worked great. So I figured the chain saw might be just as good and easier then a Gas operated one because it spends more time in storage then it ever will cutting.

I also figure if I needed a bigger Chain Saw anytime I would just rent it or borrow it from whom ever is going to have to help me.


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