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Re: OT Repairing Carbon Fiber Question

Don Goodwin
If the Honda engine is still good, can you take the engine off of the mower with the bad deck and mount it on the old metal mower deck? I did something similar about 35 years ago.

When I bought my first house in the early 1980's, my parents gave me their old push mower (purchased in the late 1950's). I used it for awhile until I got tired of fighting the 30-year old (at the time) 2-cycle engine and bought a newer push mower at a garage sale. I used that mower until the deck gave out and then took the engine and mounted it to the old 1950's frame. I used that mower for several years until my girlfriend (future wife) made replacing it with an actual store-bought brand new mower a condition of marriage. :D She has made me actually purchase new stuff over the years instead of cobbling something together.

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