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Re: OT Repairing Carbon Fiber Question

William Duffield
Rhetorical question: Are we engineers or landscapers? :D

From an abstract point of view, it makes sense to repair carbon fiber with carbon fiber, because, for equivalent strength, thickness, and other physical parameters, carbon would provide similar and probably better performance properties. That would also apply to the particular epoxy resin and hardener chosen. It would be important if you were building for example an America's Cup yacht (Reference Australia One off San Diego in 1995). :(

But I think it is a moot point for a repair to a seven year old lawnmower deck. Use whatever leftovers you have laying around from a previous project. If you don't have any, purchase whatever is cheapest and at the closest supplier. Fiberglass cloth is cheaper than carbon fiber cloth. Fiberglass felt is cheaper yet. There is lots of difference in price among epoxy resins, and probably even more between them and polyester resins.

The builder of the boat explains the failure in the first comment to the YouTube video. (It wasn't the carbon fiber.)

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