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Old Singer treadle sewing machine - cleaning, etc.

A friend inherited an old family heirloom. A treadle Singer sewing machine.

The iron still is in great shape - the wood (which appears to be mahogany) is not.

The top veneer is cracked, broken, missing pieces, and is delaminating.

The bottom veneer that is under the sewing machine when it swings down to the lower position is delaminating, cracked, broken, and missing a few pieces.

All the wood is grimy and dirty. The solid wood is intact - just dirty.

Restoration is going to be "interesting". My thoughts were to gently scrape the top and sand. I would then cover w/ a new mahogany veneer and then stain and finish it.

I am uncertain as what to do with the bottom veneer (plywood - as there are three layers). It has an ogee like curve so that it can hold the sewing machine in the stored position. The two sides of the lower portion have the shape of the curve.

Should I take off the veneer (plywood) and try to glue the layers back together? Should I just replace with multiple layers of veneer? Should I replace w/ some thin Bendiply?

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