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Re: Interesting (to me) piece of Redwood....

david weaver
Second growth trees, especially in residential areas, grow scarily fast. Apparently (like pine here in the east), the don't have the resistance to bugs and rot that the old growth stuff does.

They can still be pretty. Lots of the second growth stuff is offered on ebay for guitar tops and bodies, but I've never tried it. Old growth also, at a higher price (the second growth stuff looks billowy and light colored with wide curl - when it's curled - and large growth rings).

My house porch was refitted and turned into an insulated permanent room. Built in the early 70s so far as I can tell, all of the sills and a lot of the framing was redwood. All still in great condition.

I messaged an arborist on youtube who was sawing a residential tree that was 60 years old and must've been four feet or more across and very tall, and he said that the trees grow absurdly fast, and they're unstable when they grow like that. There's a secondary market for the lumber, and he was sawing it on site, but I'm guessing the market isn't exterior use.

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