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The Wiley Coyote of Ground hogs.....

Barry Irby
I live on a 1/2 Acres suburban lot. Over the years I have trapped and relocated at least a dozen groundhogs. (Grew up on a farm and learned to dislike them.) There is a euphemism in each of the preceding two sentences.

I had a female appear next to the front of my house and did not spot her until she had young. Got rid of her and four little ones. Filled in the hole. About two years later I spot a full grown one who has dug out the same burrow and started using it. I get out the Hav-a-Heart traps and set them. Bated with cantaloupe. So far I have caught a half grown possum. Something is going into the traps and taking the bate but not tripping them. I have tuned up the traps and weighted the triggers. Nothing. I suspect the groundhog has moved on. I need a Trail Camera to watch and tell me what's happening. What is taking the bait? Is the groundhog still around? I'm tired of feeding the bait to whatever is getting it. I am considering setting a rat trap inside the Hav-a-Heart trap.

Any ideas?

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