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Exasperated with Fine Woodworking Magazine!

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
About 10 days ago I received an email to say that my on-line subscription with FWW magazine could not be renewed as the credit card details were incorrect. I checked, and they were up to date.

I have been a longstanding on-line member and paying a low fee ($19.95) because of this. To renew, I now have to pay the full fee ($99). So I contact Customer Service, who send me a form reply after 2 days to say I should log in and renew my account. I explain that I am an existing customer, and wish to continue the discounted rate. Two days later there is another form email ton say that they have discontinued the old subscription and replaced with a new super duper version for everyone. Well, why did they not say so in the first place?

Now I decide that, what the Hell, I shall subscribe at the new rate. It is only money and you cannot take it with you. I enter my details and country (Australia), and then am asked for my state. This is where it all comes to a grinding halt as only USA states are displayed. I try this every which way ... but only USA states are displayed. (I have completed similar forms on other websites - I am not a doofus).

I contact Customer Support again, explaining the situation, and begging that they take my money. Two days later I get another form email, explaining that I need to log and and renew my account. OK, perhaps something has changed in the past two days. So I log on again. Same as before - I can be resident of Wyoming but never Western Australia. OK, I have a new idea ... I'll go in and sign up as a brand new subscriber! Yeah right ... same again. Apparently no one resides outside the USA in states with names that are dissimilar to those in the USA.

I have emailed Customer Service one last time. What do you think that they will reply?

I wonder if the penny will drop when all international subscribers suddenly stop being subscribers ...?!

Regards from Perth

Derek (hoping that FWW magazine are reading this)

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