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Band saw is vertically challenged *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Part 1 The cherry tree from Hell

Long ago a family with 5 boys camped in the woods. We bought the woods. A cherry tree toppled near the family camping spot. It was a nice tree with a crotch about 11' off the ground. I had it sawed and it yielded up to 19" wide boards, few knots and some crotch wood, but most of the crotch has bark included. >( In the middle of the tree it had been shot and nailed with big spikes on one side. >( I knew where the spikes were and avoided using lumber from near them. Resawed some door parts and split lengthwise, perfectly, 3 roofing nails, destroying the resaw blade. >(

Part 2 Band saw is vertically challenged

I used most of the cherry tree building a chest of drawers for son in law. I had one 10/4 plank left with crotch wood at one end. It looked like I could just get two door panels out of the crotch for the corner cupboard lower doors. Changed plans to narrow the stiles, thereby increasing required panel width from 13 1/4" to 13 5/8.

Began working on the crotch end. Discovered a bad spot, circled in picture. Thought it would plane out. Didn't. Rifle bullet hole almost through the wood, 10' above ground!. >( But I could lower the place where I would saw out the door panel so all is well.

Began preparing piece for resaw. Discovered band saw vertical capacity is 13 3/8". >( In only an hour I was able to resaw the two panels, the hand tool way. :)

Part 3 The end

Here I am sliding the door frames over the panel stock to get the most attractive presentation. The #6 shotgun shot that showed up is off to the edge where I can live with it. I think it will all work out.

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