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From Carol Reed's facebook page

Alan Young
Some sad news from Carol Reed-Long time woodworker and Woodworking Author. This from her facebookpage

Home from the hospital.Dodged the bullet once again - but those days are numbered. Acute respiratory failure as the result of total renal failure. The long and short of it is that the toxins are building in my body. That will kill me.All my final plan are almost in order. My thanks to Don Baer for ferrying my truck home from the hospital. I want to introduce Marilyn Tenny to you. She is a sainted best friend and she will log on to my account and let you when the end has arrived.Don't be sad. Nobody gets out of this life alive. I have the privilege of planning my exit. Someone else will get to enjoy that new building in my back yard. But then whenever I have made plans, God found a way to change them, so anything is still possible, For now I am released to home with hospice. As things change and as I am able I will keep you all abreast of what is going on.Meantime, put some BBQ in the smoker, pop a cold one and have a toast on me.

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