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Gappy dovetail repair *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Attended a demo by the Master cabinet maker, Brian Coe, from Old Salem, NC. He demonstrated tools and joinery techniques used by Moravian Immigrants, which are some different from British/American Period techniques. More on these techniques in later posts, including their way to make the housed/sliding dovetails commonly used in their furniture.

One of the through dovetails in the picture was purposely cut on the wrong side of the line, resulting in a saw kerf wide gap along this edge of the assembled dovetail. (BTW,I can do this without trying >( ) Brian then fixed it and I took a picture of the result. I will practice this repair and post steps later.

The dovetail is propped up on the English mortise chisel I snagged for $20 at the tool sale.

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