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Menards TigerFORM phenolic plywood - router fence

Craig Daymon
I'm constructing a new router table.

I have a 1" thick phenolic top (old lab benchtop), appropriate mounting plate, etc. Plan to build a split face fence with a Woodpecker micro-adjust attached in the back. Top is 30 by 26, plus a little in each direction.

I was trying to figure what would be best to make the fence out of and phenolic coated plywood seemed a good choice.

Menards sells 3/4" X (almost) 48" x (almost) 96" TigerFORM forming plywood for less than $50 (less than $45 with the current rebate).

It's a special order from Building Supplies department.

Problem is, without any hands-on contact, I don't know if it will work for my needs. Pretty sure this is the same sort of stuff Woodcraft sells, maybe not the same quality of underlying plywood.

Question (finally): Has anyone bought/used any of this product? Should I just order a sheet and find out? At the very least I can build a great cabinet out of it.

Thanks in advance,


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