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Re: recommendations for drill bits

William Duffield
I wholeheartedly agree with the recommendations for Lee Valley brad point bits.

My "strategy" for Forstner bits is to buy a cheap Chinese set and pay attention to keeping them cool, using air, the proper fee rate, and retracting them as soon as they start to clog. The shavings carry the heat away from the edges, so if shavings are not flying out, immediately retract the bit, clear it and let it cool. I haven't used John's compressed air method because my air compressor is too small for most holes, but it makes sense. Part 2 of my "strategy" is when I've worn out or dulled a cheap Forstner, that tells me that I need a better quality in that size, and I go to Woodcraft (others carry them, too), buy a Famag BorMax bit in that size, and throw the Chinese bit in my junk metal pile.

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