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Re: recommendations for drill bits

John in NM
Fuller countersinks are easy to resharpen. The tapered bits aren't but you can do it in a pinch.

I like LV's brad points a lot too, they do work better than those I've ground myself. I have a couple good brad point bits from Colt and another of Woodcraft's house brand from 20 years ago, no idea if they are still good but they were.

For forstners I used to like Famag plain bits that I bought from Traditional Woodworker before they went out of business. I really liked those bits! Stay away from cheap ones, they kinda do the job but not like a good one. I have a 1/2" Irwin that is probably the worst forstner I've ever used. Resharpening forstners isn't too awful, but it takes some experimenting to get it right. You can clean up the cheap bits so they work better, but you shouldn't have to on a new bit.

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