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A good video with views of the blade type

david weaver
I've been subscribed to this fellow (mike mccoy) who used to saw production but now sounds like he saws a couple of hours a day. Gives him time to talk more about the saw, etc, and less about making marginal pennies sawing 2x4s.

Frick type mill but with modern insert blade.

Frick Co. operated in a town that is about 20 miles from where I grew up. These mills, probably mostly smaller than this one, existed in quantity in the mountains west of town and have been left to rot. Often with farmall UD type power or other old stationary power (that won't mean much to someone who has never lived rural).

Not sure when it became unprofitable to operate them, but all of the ones rotting away near home seem to have about the same era stuff on them.

The one in this video is detroit diesel powered. I'm guessing 6/71. I don't believe the teeth theory, but anything thrown by a mill like this could go hard and fast into the roof.

big kerf compared to what we're used to with woodworking tools. Looks almost as wide as the .325 pitch narrow chains that are showing up on chainsaws now.

many videos of the mill shown in use - quickly answers a question that I had early on, as in, why does most commodity lumber show up flatsawn only.

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