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New to me Hitachi Bandsaw...

Barry Irby
I have posted about the Hitachi Bandsaw I bought from the son of and aging woodworker. It came with a 3" wide blade with Stellite on every other tooth. I sharpened it and it did OK, but I bit the bullet and bought a new blade. The new one from Hitachi has Stellite on every tooth and is also 3" wide. I am almost stunned at the difference it makes. I added dust collection to the saw and that helps a lot also. Doesn't affect the sawing much but it cuts down on the amount of sawdust that rides around and come off the upper wheel.

I am still tweaking the saw and fence, but I re-sawed a piece of poplar about 3" wide and 2 feet long. I got a piece off that measure between .11" and .12". In other words a .01" variation. A light pass over the jointer or though the sander will flatten the surface. I am wondering if it's time to leave it alone and use it?

I do need to improve my feeding technique.

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