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Barry Irby
Have you heard about Dark Matter? Apparently the people that study the universe did some calculations and figures a large percentage of the matter that should be there is missing/invisible. they have labeled it Dark Matter, and theorize lights bends around it. Then some calculations indicated some of the energy was missing and now we have Dark Energy. I figure in a few years they will realize they slipped a couple of decimal places or failed to make the conversion from Imperial to Metric correctly and Dark whatever will truly disappear.

Now, I was fascinated with how much sawdust was generated by the Lucas Mill cutting my slabs. A rough calculation indicates there was about 1500 pounds of it. (40 cuts, 1/4" thick, through logs averaging 4' and oak weighs 60 lb/CF.) It was a huge pile. Then it disappeared while I was gone. Could this be Dark Sawdust?

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