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Re: I am not sure I believe the story....

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I sure wouldn't believe a saw would send shards to a circular area! When I was a fairly young lad there was a saw that disintegrated in the Youngstown Steel mill in East Chicago, IN.

I worked in the #3 Seamless Tube mill (oil drilling, nuclear steam pipe etc.). The manufacturing process made pipe too long for train cars so was cut with a (as I remember about a 3' ~ 4' dia. blade with I assume carbide tips. It came apart one day and sent shards through the metal roof about 40' above. There were holes in a line parallel with the blade. It was pure luck no one was hurt!

I would be very surprised to hear of a wood circular blade doing the same. I have never heard of any in my life even throwing any carbide, I think they run too slow and never have enough pressure to do that.

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