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Mark Hennebury
Hi Walta,

A couple of points;

I have always had sharpening equipment; bench grinders, surface grinders, straight knife grinders, tool and cutter grinders, drill grinders, cut-off saws, sanders, and angle grinders. I have worked in all kinds of dust, solid wood, ply, mdf, plate glass, fibre glass, and composite boards, i have machined aluminum, brass, steel and cast iron, corian and granite, plus all of the abrasive dust. I own probable a dozen or more routers, four of which are Makita RF1101 routers.

I did a quick look online and found a few conversations on this problem dating back to 2006;

CNC Zone 03-10-2006

I have a home built cnc router with a 2 1/2 hp Makita router. One of those ones thats suppose to be real quiet. The problem it has been devoloping is that the rpm goes up and down instead of remaining constant. Its constantly reving up /down. Has anyone had a problem like this with a router? Am i going to need to buy a new one or is there a fix?

Router Forums 06-21-2009

I have a Makita RF1101 which functioned beautifully for years, until a few weeks ago. Now the speed is erratic, changing at random intervals to random speeds during operation. The brushes are in good shape, and I suspect that the problem is the motor control (part #63139702) but I was looking for at least some confirmation of this before I drop $70.00 plus shipping on the part.
Any help is appreciated.

posted 10-16-2012 10:04 PM
My router (after 7 years) has decided to speed up and slow down. I checked the brushes and they don’t look that bad. Controller board?? Anyone got a suggestion?

Re: makita router rpm constantly reving up/down any one had this problem?
Originally Posted by tsalaf
This is a defect in some earlier Makita routers and was repaired on both of mine free of charge, even after the warranty had expired.

That is a very interesting observation, tsalaf. My Makita RF1101 has the same problem.
Do you recall how you want about receiving this service? How did you learn that they'd take care of this for you?

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