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Barry Irby
Went back and looked at Bill's picture again and now I realize he is doing it opposite had of the way I did it. He is feed from the port side and I fed from starboard. On my saw, the blade leans toward the right. Somehow I thought it better to have the teeth lean into the cut. Whatever I did worked nicely.

I will say again, this takes a lot longer to set up than to do if you are making molding for a single piece of furniture. Even if you take a 1/32 on each pass, it only take a few passes and each pass takes less than a minute.

And, let me add, there is a danger in this. It "seems" the saw blade just appears, like magic, out from under the piece at the end of each pass. If you are concentrating on holding the end of the piece down it would be easy to get a finger into the blade. Use good push sticks and blocks and It might be a good idea to put some kind of vivid marker over the blade. Maybe a stick fastened to the rail over the blade.

(Bill, your router table is on the opposite end of your saw from mine. That's just wrong!)

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