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William Duffield
No, not bad. The first couple of times you do it, it's real easy to get confused. You're running around the saw, trying to get clamps on one or even two fences, your rip fence (a normal point of reference) is off the saw, you're fiddling with blade height, blade tilt, fence angles, trying to remember trigonometry you haven't used since eleventh grade, etc. If you look at Bill's set-up picture, it's not even clear which is the front and the back of the saw. Bill's got it set up on the port tack, but a starboard tack works just as well. Yoou're worried about where to stand and where to push and which way the molding is going to fly if the saw decides to kick it back. Just make sure you've had a couple cups of coffee, take your time and think it through. It gets a lot easier after the first pass.

Another observation: The L-fence that Bill shows in his picture is very, very useful on a table saw.

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