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Re: Video of router malfuntion

John in NM
I have several small induction motors that would make excellent drivers for a conventional tool post grinder. I would be happy to send you one if you want to go that way for lathe grinding, its much safer than using a router.

Our machinist at work made one using an HVAC motor, but that is a bit big for most applications. I think his runs around 4k rpm, but I'm not sure, I'll have to look at his set up. His rig would fit fine on that big lathe you have, he mostly uses it on a Monarch we have. I think he made it so it would fit on the much smaller Hardinge too, but it's size is inconvenient for such a small machine.

Nice thing about using induction motors for these applications is that you can find them in just about all sizes. Bill's never going to wear out the HVAC motor in his grinder, and if he wanted speed control we could put a VFD on it, though your accident is making me rethink the idea of solid state speed control for grinders. Two pulleys and a V-belt!

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