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I suspect that it will do no good...

John in NM
But I'm not a lawyer of course - any lawyers are welcome to contradict me an I'll not argue with their expertise.

The router was being used well outside the application that the manufacturer expected when designing it, so they would have a very easy out.

Speculating wildly, I would guess that the speed control failed in an unexpected way as the result of running a large grinding wheel (second picture in OP) rather than a router bit (relatively small). These kinds of speed controls typically have a soft start where the power delivered ramps up - the inertia of getting a big wheel up to speed could screw with that as it would require a slower ramp up.

There are a lot of lessons in this accident, and I admire Mark's willingness to put it up there for discussion and perhaps save someone else the pain he's had to go through.

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