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Video of router malfuntion *LINK*

Mark Hennebury
I have tried the router probable 100 times since the accident on June 4th; On the day after the accident it went crazy again when i tried it, so i set camera up to catch it,the following week it worked fine with the exception of two little twitches. The last time i tried it today it went wild a few times while i had the camera rolling.

Please forgive my speech in the video, I have a hard time speaking at the moment, and as you can see i am more than a little nervous when it ramps up, i am actually quite nervous around the blender right now.

So the issues of course are that there is no warning of when it will fail, no apparent reason for it to fail, there is the problem of it going from 8000 rpm to 24,000 rpm plus the torque caused be the acceleration. Either way this is a dangerous situation that can happen in an instant.

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