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Re: william, your on the right track

William Duffield
When I bought my DeWalt radial arm saw about 40 years ago, the seller tossed the Sears molding cutterhead into the deal. I've used it a couple of times on a tablesaw (but it won't work with my SawStop), but the admonition, "If it doesn't feel safe, find another way to do it" keeps running through my head every time I consider using it with the RAS, so I've never even tried it.

It's a lot more comfortable to pull out my hollows and rounds, a sticking board and my copy of Matt Bickford's "Moldings in Practice" and quietly make some shavings. ;) Note that I usually take a mixed approach, roughing out the curve with a dado blade on the tablesaw and finishing up with the moulding planes. A lot of days, I find it difficult to wrap my mind around the conic sections, so simply drawing the desired profile on the end of the board using circle and ellipse templates or a French curve is a lot less exhausting than fiddling with blade diameter, blade height, fence angle and blade tilt.

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