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Stephen Roth
I'm an IP attorney and spend a lot of time figuring out technology. So I go overboard with research, even on things like which screws to use. I probably watched 100 hours of videos before I bought the Accuspray, and even then, this was almost a test purchase because I didn't want to commit to the price of the Devilbis / ANI guns. FYI, "The Gunman" videos are the most informative comparison videos.

I have an 80 gallon 5HP compressor. (Not a brag. I just want you to have a reference.) I have no way of calculating the CFM coming out, but found that my compressor was recycling way more often with the Accuspray than with air hogs like dye cutters and grinders. I think the "H" in HVLP is a real thing!

Now my experience may be because I was painting a large cabinet and back with thick GF milk paint. So if you are stopping and starting on small pieces, or using lacquer, your mileage may differ.

So here is a suggestion I did that helped me a lot. ... Go to Harbor Freight and buy one of the $9.99 HVLP purple guns and test it out on cardboard just so see if your compressor works. It is almost the same price of one PPS cup and replaceable Accuspay tip. And if that works, splurge for the Accuspray. If the HF gun doesn't work for you, I doubt the Accuspray will be much better.

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