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Stephen Roth
I bought that gun and PPS cup kit a few months ago to spray GF Milk Paint. That stuff is VERY VERY VERY high viscosity. I could barely get it to flow through a viscosity cup.

Anyway, with about 10% thinning, it sprayed very well. I used the 2.0 tip. I almost wish they made a larger one. I did need to turn up the PSI to around 40 and reduce the fan pattern. BTW: The 3M regulator did not work well at that PSI. I ended up just using the one on my compressor.

The gravity cup almost functions like a pressure cup because of the insert collapsing when you spray. Start it with the gun upside down to get all the air out.

I also used the gun to spray BIN Shellac Based primer. That worked very well with NO thinning. Same with lacquer. You really need to toy with all the variables to get it right. Tip size, PSI, fan size, volume control. After a few weeks I started to appreciate the talent of the guys who spray cars for a living ... and Charles Neil!

One other thing. Cleaning is sure a breeze. Especially if you need to use a solvent.

I hope this helps.

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