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Design comments invited *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
As an aside I have been page by page studying Home Furniture volumes. Builders comment on their design for each piece. The commentary is interesting and I am learning a bit, but probably not enough to be useful to my design ability.

Two decisions are coming up, Pictures 1 and 2. First, to arch the base molding or not. Daughter originally requested an arch. If the base is arched the top of the top doors will be arched and the bottom doors will have arched grain.


If arches are the path, and probably will be (my journey into Home Furniture says an arch will "lift" the piece) then I have a decision on the bottom door framing. Krenov used to pleasing effect a door frame that is not traditional. It is mocked up in pic 3 with the finished pieces top and bottom and junk for the mock up verticals. To emphasize the arch, a rail with arched grain will be used top and bottom, as shown. To my surprise, this door framed looked ok to my eye. Yours?

Is the door framing too wide?

Carved panels go each side of the hexagonal drawer.

I like building better than designing.

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