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technical veeneering application question *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I didn't know how to title this question.....

The need:

The top rail of the bottom doors will not be arched, as suggested by most who reviewed the sketch. But, I would like to use arched grain for the top rails, as shown by example in PIC 2. Ideally, I would have a piece of 8/4 lumber with an arched grain, resaw and book match to top rails. I don't have this elusive 8/4 piece so I am left with two options.

1. I can find two 4/4 sections of different boards that more or less match for the top rails.

I'm beyond my experience in solving this need by other means......

Is there a way to resaw 4/4 and wind up with the appearance of book matched top rails by gluing up some assembly for the top rail? I could resaw two pieces from a 4/4 arched grain board and glue these book matched to....? Can I get by gluing 1/8" "veneer" to an 11/16" cherry substrate? Instincts say not, but I have no data to discount this option.

I could glue up cherry "plywood" with the arched grain piece on top. But how many plies for a minimum?

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