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Polygon Furniture *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Shown in Picture 1 is the base of the corner cupboard, the hexagonal drawer and the 4- sided "secret compartment that will lay behind the drawer. With the exception of a bow front dresser and a demilune, I have never made anything that wasn’t orthogonal. It has been a learning experience.

Also shown is the pile of practice pieces and mis-cuts made on the path to the 4-sided box(a trapezoid?) . Buoyed by the confidence of having made the dovetailed hexagonal drawer I plowed into making the "simple" dovetailed box behind it. It became a daunting task to mark for dovetailing and get the marks in the correct place and angled the correct direction. While I normally do tails first, in this case pins first was the better choice. The positioning device for marking tails from pins is shown in Pic 2&3.

A bunch of angles are involved in these dovetails and they have to be oriented correctly for the pins to slip into the tails and not be backwards in some way. Apparently the looks for the correctly made pieces are illogical. I got things backwards several times before I got the correct joint, as evidenced by the pile of mis-cuts in Pic 1.. My wife, who is experienced in helping assemble dovetailed stuff, repeatedly questioned whether something was going together correctly because it didn’t look right.

Over on the Hand Tool Forum there is a discussion on removing dovetail waste. When efficiency is important, I and at least some professional shops, use a band saw. In the case of these thin parts I found a fret or coping saw better. It may not be widely known that it is not necessary to have a large saw frame for this task. Fret and coping saw blades are flexible. Mount the blade and with pliers rotate the blade about 80 degrees as show in the picture. Now any sized piece can be sawed.

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Polygon Furniture *PIC*
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