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Re: snakes in the cherry tree

Barry Irby
I have some aviary netting left from when I built my son an enclosure for his collection of wild ducks. It's much softer than the stuff you are using and the goles can be larger if you stretch it a bit. If you would like some, let me know, I have been thinking about selling it for a long time. I will send you some free if you pay the shipping. I am guessing my piece is something like 25' by 50', but since it is pretty stretchy, it's hard to say, I have never taken it out of the bag it came in.

As an aside, about thirty years ago I decided I wanted a cherry tree. The first year it had three cherries. The birds beat me to them. The second year I put netting like yours over it. It was looking good. My wife drove the lawn mower past it and a gear that pressed on the wheel caught the net and dragged it down and stripped the tree of everything except one lone straggly limb. It was pitiful. The end of my cherry farming.

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