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Cut & paste? *PIC*

Kneale Brownson
I made this table for my wife to lay out and cut fabric or other "artistic" endeavors. It's nearly 4X7 feet. It sat just inside the door from the garage to her shop, so there was no issue getting it inside, where we expected it to remain forever.

However, stuff happens and we have moved from that house at 10,000 feet to a place at 5000 feet where I can suck in enough oxygen when I take a breath. Now the table must reside in a basement location where the door to the stairway is in a hallway, and there's no way to get there with the legs on.

The legs were glued (Titebond III) and screwed into the apron corners, not braced and bolted like they should have been, so now I need to cut them off and eventually reapply them.

I need suggestions for how to go about cutting them off and--more importantly, reattaching.

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