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Re: Free Shipping from Lee Valley-evil marketing

William Duffield
They sure picked out a gorgeous piece of bubinga to shape into your tote.

I have a Veritas tenon saw (cross cut) that I reach for for everything but dovetails. Im still using my L-N for that purpose, for two reasons. The obvious one is that it is sharpened rip :) . But the more important reason is the machined back.

The Veritas backsaws share a problem with all traditional saws with folded backs, and their modern aesthetic make it worse. For a joint which needs to be cut with precision and accurate with at least three degrees of freedom, the curved, rounded back is a disadvantage. It gives the optical illusion that the back is bent, and makes it more difficult to see in which directions you are actually steering the saw.

When I say "three degrees of freedom," that is only with respect to the saw's relation to the board, but doesn't include the saw's hang and its other relations to the sawyer's wrist, elbow, shoulder, stance, etc., which I find to be better managed by other senses.

All the arises on the back of the L-N (and other more expensive, or even "boutique") back saws are straight lines exactly parallel to the line of the teeth (at least that's the way they come from the maker) regardless of the interactions between the work light source and the sawyer's eyes.

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