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Free Shipping from Lee Valley-evil marketing *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
It hasn't made the WoodCentral news but once again LV is dangling the tasty worm of free shipping before a hungry woodworker fish. I can't seem to resist these offers.

My suggestion would be to buy a LV 20 tpi dovetail saw. I was late accepting this saw. Fine teeth are for dovetail sissies. Real men use 15 tpi. And real men use saws that look like they did in 1780.

The way to know what works best is after you stop thinking about what tool is needed for a task. Without thinking you just reach for it. Once I got used to overlooking its way too modern body, and familiar with the way it started and cut, I began reaching past the LN and other saws and grabbed this one. At first I labeled it with blue tape so I could find it among its look alike cousins. Now it hangs in a place where I don't have to search for it.

As a qualifier I am typically sawing dovetails on 1/2' or less poplar and half blinds on cherry or walnut. Accurate starting is as important to dovetail accuracy as accurate sawing. This saw does both for me in these situations. Your needs and results could differ.

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