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135 degree drawer assembly?

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have several joints done which moved my thoughts to assembling the drawer and its bottom. I normally make drawers with slips and slip the drawer in from the back. Not this one, I realized!

One possibility is to assemble the drawer. Glue a1/4" tall slip around the bottom. Lay the drawer on a piece of plywood and scribe the drawer opening on the plywood. Cut out plywood and drop it into the drawer from the top. Pin nail it as needed if it bows up.

I'm not smitten by this approach but it is all I can think of. Recall, the drawer is a pentagon with a truncated point in the back (the result, a hexagon). Dovetails all around with half blinds in the front.

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135 degree drawer assembly?
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