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OT: Where do you think new woodworkers are going?

david weaver
I expect the SMC issue mentioned below will end with a closed forum that dies a slow death, but I've heard criticism across the board for older members from all forums decrying the decline in membership.

I've noticed the same thing and wondered at first if it's just a matter of people no longer being interested in getting online and reading about things (vs. netflix or youtube or whatever else might absorb their time).

And then, I remembered when I made my planemaking videos (which are not intended to be entertaining, just documentation of a process - unedited), I had several people tell me that "you must be on instagram and facebook, that's where all of the traffic is heading". both of those are a big no thanks for me. I have checked out both and I just don't like the format - it looks better as an advertising spot for someone wanting to chronologically display things they've done or are doing to sell. That obviously runs afoul of most forums (SMC as mentioned above comes to mind as one where even if you show what you're making, if it's for sale anywhere, you're going to get in trouble).......on instagram, what little I read, it's practically ideal for that - and with the makers goes a lot of the traffic? Just guessing.)

Seeing the number of spam emails that i still get from instagram and facebook, even though I don't log in on either (facebook's been over a decade), there must be a bunch of traffic on those sites.

Is it just the "old guys" still filling the forums? I like the current mix. Lots fewer of "what can I buy to do this" type questions these days.

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