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Re: problems laying out, marking 135 degree doveta

Paul in NJ
Hi Bill,

Here is how I have set the base lines in this situation. Set a marking gauge or pair of dividers to the distance of the baseline. In this instance it is 1.41 x the thickness of the drawer side. Use the dividers or marking gauge to put just a mark on the drawer side. Next use an accurate square (I am sure you must have a combo square) and a marking knife to mark the length of the baseline across the end of the board. Flip the board on edge and use the 45 degree side of the square with the knife registered in the baseline and mark the angle. Do this on the other side also. Now just mark the opposite baseline using the marks from the side and the square. You now have accurate and parallel baselines.

You can mark, cut, and transfer the dovetails as you usually do. A saddle square is helpful to mark the 90 degree lines.

For this to work you must have an accurate square.

Paul Dzioba

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