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Re: The artist comments on furniture design

Brian Holcombe
It's important to understand and appreciate historical architectural dictum.

It's also important to throw that dictum out of the window whenever it suits your purpose.

There is some agreement cross culture, so one can argue for it being universal to a minor degree. However, often enough these hard set rules on proportion and other things are often ascribed after the fact. Golden ratio is a fine example, it's applied often enough after the fact that people tend to find where it works and say 'hey look, they used it'.

My opinion is that an experienced eye created those designs and likely knew what they wanted as they set out their goal, and probably were not sitting there carefully working it into the golden ratio.

I made a bed a few years back rigorously adhering to architectural proportion. I made the same bed improving upon the design recently, I didn't even bother checking the scale...I think my second version is considerably better than the first.

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