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Great discussion

Ellis Walentine
We're indeed here to inform each other, which may include critiquing each others' stuff. Nobody is immune to others' opinions, whether they like them or not. The point I took from Bill's original post is that we are all bound within our own experience and biases, and that there can be a profound amount of insight that may be gained from someone who has spent their career learning about all styles and aspects of design -- preferably, in the case of woodworking, someone with an understanding of skills and best practices -- and who can articulate it in a constructive and convincing way.

I've judged a lot of competitions over the years, and the folks who are being judged are unanimously eager for insights from someone who is viewing their work from a broader perspective. I'm very glad to see that Bill has brought his own expert connection to this discussion, because I think he's getting a different kind of feedback than he'd be getting from fellow woodworkers.

This of course begs my favorite question: What is design anyway? A topic for much further discussion.

I mentioned to Bill in a PM today that we might want to try having some real time critique sessions in our newly enabled chatroom, ideally with some outside design eyes to contribute to the discussion. I have a 50-user license for the new chat, so there's plenty of room for a good-sized group to swap pictures and comments. I'm looking for a champion other than me to spearhead a proof-of-concept trial sometime and possible regular sessions. Chatroom is open 24/7 so drop by if you haven't and kick the tires.


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