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Bruce got it

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I don't feel that those that have artistic talent understand the situation of those that don't.

I strive to make the best constructed furniture I can. Acquiring this ability only requires commitment. I also strive to make the most attractive functional furniture I can. This goal might involve just copying something attractive, the route the Period Furniture reproducers take. I find that route boring and it would not motivate me to build.

Typically I begin with something I like. My life's philosophy is that I have never seen anything that couldn't be improved. But, improving design requires skills I don't have and have no chance of acquiring. That gene never got expressed in this engineering mind. What you lack you try to acquire by some means, in this case consulting with anyone talented I can pester for advice.

Take the case of the desk I wrote about above.

The desk was a student project out of College of Redwoods. It had about a dozen design elements, seemingly everything the student had learned in design 101, and some were from widely different styles. Purged of the extraneous and dis-harmonious, it became a pleasing desk, to my eye and that of the critics I rely on. I did not have the talent to create the theme of this desk. However, I recognized it was a sound creative theme with some challenging engineering design to ramp up interest. With some help and validation from an "expert" the design was improved.

I am reminded of writing. Some think they write perfectly as I did in my youth. As I matured I discovered that I was not a skilled writer. So, I consult with a skilled editor, and listen to them, vastly improved my writing. Now when I write for a wide public audience I seek out someone that will edit. (BTW, Ellis is one of the best I have worked with) I have come to believe that furniture design can benefit from skilled editing too. In your case it is gallery managers.

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