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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Susan might well find the work of those you referenced excellent. I never heard of any of them so I have never been inspired by their work to build something similar or offered her an example to critique. My interactions more typically are of the example provided. I see something I like for my socks but sense there is something wrong- prissy feet or unemployed arches. But I usually don't know what is wrong or how to fix the design. Prissy feet get sold so clearly someone disagrees, or ignores the fault; fine by me. There remains value in discussing the design.

I bought the book "500 Cabinets" erroneously thinking I would find 500 examples of furniture to store my socks. I have no doubt that the editors picked the finest design examples they could find. I expect that socks were stored in few of these pieces. Rather they were bought, I suppose, to be admired for their colors, textures and shapes, and if they even vaguely resembled a cabinet they could be called such and included in the book. By analogy, I spent most of a day at a pottery mecca looking for a cereal bowl. I saw hundreds of containers in wonderful colors, shapes and textures and none met the needs of an attractive cereal bowl. I judged them all "lacking" by this criteria. If the potter called the work a "bowl" I thought it fair game to judge it according to a place to pour Cheerios. Otherwise truth in labeling would have called it a self decoration.

When we critique furniture design perhaps there is a fundamental distinction between critiquing the design of a place to store your socks vs an art project to decorate the living room, that is labeled a cabinet.

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