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Re: I wish there was a means to collaborate

Barry Irby
I absolutely agree. Perhaps someone who is into social media could tell us how to connect with that person that doodles great designs.

Like you, I have the tools and the wood and if I can "see" it I can build it.

I have watched a number of the "flip this house" and have flipped quite a few houses. What I see on the shows is they have someone, usually the guy, who does the grunt work and someone else as the designer, usually the wife or girlfriend. On one of my houses a friend walked in and said, "This is the Kitchen". The light went on for me, and I had been working on the house for weeks.

I am building furniture for my two sons. One of them knows what he wants and can sketch it for me. The other points out something I have already built and says, "the same, yet different".

When I see something I like, I recognise it. When I see lots of things I don't like I know that too. But, If I sit with a blank piece of paper not much happens....

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