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The topic is bow front drawers

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"not all curved drawer fronts are veneered. "

I never used the term "curved". I think most would agree that my comments were specific to bow fronts.

It doesn't matter if the bowed front is a single drawer, or two, or many. The common veneered approach is the same. Veneer the whole drawer front and cut it into as many pieces as there are drawers across. Trivial to do if the drawer back is left orthogonal to the ends until just before the drawer box is glued together, at which point the back is sawed to match the bow of the front.

I remember Jeff Headley warning me to not mess with the drawer back until all the joinery and fitting was complete. The multitude of reasons become apparent when building the drawer.

As I pointed out, my post is for the audience. It is up to them to decide what works best for them. I was my purpose to point out what was commonly done in the past for bow fronts that I had no problem repeating when I made them.

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