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Simon St.Laurent - Dryden, NY
I hadn't thought about floating candles. That might be a good option, though my "10 hour" votives tend to last 6 hours at best, and the floaters (that fit the space) look like "4-5 hour" candles. Since days are getting longer though, that might not matter.

I have to think about putting a hole through the base. That's happened naturally on some of them. Usually it works out okay, but those lanterns also seem to melt away faster than the others, losing side panels fast. Maybe that's because the candle is tilted or off-center, or maybe it's just that it's been weird warm winter for this.

The other thing I'm pondering is building some small wooden stands for the candles, to get them up a little higher when there's snow and so I don't set the lantern on packed snow and block the drain hole instantly. (See - woodworking!)


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