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drill bit for ice

Simon St.Laurent - Dryden, NY
I'm making ice lanterns this year, and doing okay despite the warmer weather than usual.

I'm using a mold from Lee Valley, and you can see roughly what it looks like at:

There are a few issues, most of which come from using the same lantern multiple nights. The candles (even the ones without the metal or plastic cups) tend to melt into the ice. That's okay until their remains refreeze into the ice overnight, and make it hard to remove them. I think I can fix that with a bit of a silicone baking sheet underneath the candle.

The harder problem is that the drain holes the mold creates tend to plug up quickly. I'd like to drill a bigger one (3/8" ?), using the one the mold makes as a guide.

I can experiment with various bits, but figured I'd ask if someone had done this before. Google searches turn up drilling for ice fishing, which is great but a much larger scale project!


(And yes, I'm still doing woodworking, just not nearly at the rate I'd like.)

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