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    1.   1.1  List of forums
    2.   1.2  Using the post editor
    3.   1.3  Why do my Preferences change for each forum?
    4.   1.4  What is a Profile?
    5.   1.5  I forgot my profile password
    6.   1.6  Including images
    7.   1.7  Mobile-friendly test
    8.   1.8  Archive
    9.   1.9  Known issues

1.  Forums

1.1  List of forums

The following page shows a list of forums.

1.2  Using the post editor

The forums have a full WYSIWYG rich text editor that is very much like a little word processor, somewhat unique when it comes to forums which usually limit your ability to format posts. It even allows you to switch to code view where you can view and enter HTML. Most of the tools you need to create professional looking posts are available, if you like that sort of thing. Of course, using these features is not necessary. You can simply type your text and submit your post..

1.3  Why do my Preferences change for each forum?

The preferences set are not global. Each forum is configured separately.

1.4  What is a Profile?

Creating a profile keeps you from having to enter your name every time you post, and it also prevents others from using your chosen name. It does this by placing a cookie on your device, which means if you use multiple devices, you will have to create a profile on each one.

Once you create a profile, you must use the password associated with it when posting using that name. This is how the forum keeps others from using your name.

1.5  I forgot my profile password

Profile passwords must be reset by an administrator. If you forget it, request a password reset.

1.6  Including images

Editor toolbar contains an icon to include images in posts. Options are to

  • Upload image
  • Link to image on the web

Uploaded images are resized once uploaded to not exceed 1080px. Options are available to scale the images as desired.

1.7  Mobile-friendly test

If you are copying and pasting content from another web site or using an HTML generator, you can use the following link to see if the code is mobile friendly.

Is your web page mobile-friendly?

1.8  Archive

Each forum keeps posts going back for one year. To search for posts made prior to that, you need to search the forum archive database.

1.9  Known issues

Sometimes a URL does not automatically convert into a clickable link when they are at the end of a message. Highlight the URL and use the Link icon on the toolbar to ensure it is converted into a link.


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