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Creating an Ultimate Miter Saw Fence! Did I just crack the dust extraction code for a Miter Saw? - 27 January 2023, 5:26 am

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Amazing woodworking tool never seen before!
11 June 2024, 11:54 am
Hooked on Wood "Dream WorkShop" enjoy my shop tour!
7 June 2024, 12:44 pm
Short update about my dream workshop!
28 May 2024, 5:47 pm
My most brilliant idea yet for the laser engraver!
21 May 2024, 12:18 pm
Amazing woodworking tools everyone can afford! China Tools Ep. 52
5 April 2024, 9:28 am
Is this the best Combination T-ruler in the market? Hooked On Wood...
18 March 2024, 2:24 pm
My DREAM DIY Project, Hoe heb ik deze kast in mijn eentje gemaakt?
28 February 2024, 10:20 am
Is this T-square as good as it looks! China Tools Ep.50
2 February 2024, 11:49 am
The most accurate Doweling Jig, China Tools Ep.49
22 December 2023, 10:26 am
Time to optimize some router essentials!
11 December 2023, 8:30 pm
This is the most accurate Square available!
11 December 2023, 8:02 pm
China Tools Sales event! Amazing products for lowest prices.
8 November 2023, 11:48 am
Is This Mighty Miter Gauge Fence The Best? Review
13 October 2023, 10:39 am
China Tools Ep. 46 Most exciting diode laser!
4 October 2023, 10:00 am
Review of 20 accessories for your MFT-style workbench! Part 2
20 September 2023, 2:22 pm


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