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SHOTS #801 - #900

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900. TAKE A LETTER (Alan Young)  1/25/09
A series of Austen films inspire this bold design.

899. A HOME FOR DEFINITIONS (Patrick Coleman)  1/25/09
This dictionary stand features several types of joinery.

898. CHERRY DRESSER (Douglas Recko)  1/25/09
Measurements from a local offering guide in its reproduction.

897. THREE WINDSOR STOOLS (Richard Furnas)  1/19/09
The wood for these stools came from local trees.

896. CHERRY SHAKER STOOL (Scott Perry)  1/19/09
A comforting place for resting feet.

895. WOODEN FOOTBALL TRILOGY (Aurèle Delaurier)  1/19/09
This woodworker shares his method for making the maple laces.

894. TWICE-BUILT TALL CLOCK (George Dart)  1/19/09
Two craftsmen breathe new life into their cherry timepiece, after disaster strikes.

893. EVOLVING DESIGN (Alan Young)  1/19/09
Follow the twists and turns a design can take to the end result.

892. COVERTIBLE CHILD'S SLEIGH BED (Roberto Marquez)  8/3/08
A beautiful piece of furniture that grows with the child.

891. A CHAIRMAKER'S SHOP (Jerome Laux)  8/3/08
One woodworker's take on shop layout.

890. LAST IN A LINE (Larry Verhoff)  8/3/08
The final bed for the children saves the best for last!

889. HACKBERRY HUTCH (Fred Davis)  8/3/08
This native hardwood's warmth and beauty take center stage.

888. WORKSHOP COMPLEX (Mike Louthan)  8/3/08
Five complete workshops cohabit this 2000 square foot "wing".

887. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME MORE FOOTBALL? (Aurèle Delaurier)  7/27/08
A turned version of the classic pigskin.

886. MAHOGANY GARDEN BENCH (Fred Davis)  7/27/08
A nice blend of Tudor and Asian styles.

885. STICKLER FOR DETAILS (Larry Tilley)  7/20/08
One man's pencil takes another to his breaking point!

884. THE WORKS (W. Patrick Edwards)  6/23/08
This timeless masterpiece has thirty types of sawn veneers in the design.

883. MAHOGANY HALL TABLES (Fred Davis)  6/23/08
Rich mahogany gives this project a formal look.

882. BIKER ROCK (Lee Brubaker)  6/23/08
A tip for converting dimensions from a photo.

881. FROM SPARSE TO INTERESTING (Lewis Speer)  6/23/08
Easily obtainable materials are key in this DIY project.

880. LONG TIME IN THE MAKING (Mike Fitterling)  6/23/08
That Stickley guy may actually have a feel for ergonomics.

879. SHOP IN THE ROUND (Thomas S. Stockton)  6/15/08
A unique shop that has no corners to collect dust.

878. THIRD TIME IS THE CHARM (Vernon Huffines)  6/15/08
This garage shop has space for tools and parking.

877. FLORIDA DREAM SHOP (Tom Clark)  6/15/08
This shop has plenty of space for multiple hobby interests.

876. A MULTIFACETED WORKHORSE (Fred Davis)  6/8/08
Straightforward construction combined with storage, outfeed use
and a strong flat work surface makes this bench a winner.

875. VERTICALLY CHALLENGED (Mike Flaim)  3/25/08
Low ceilings contribute to the "small shop" feeling of this basement workshop.

874. GOT DOTS? (Keith Newton)  3/2/08
Here's an alternative to veneer tape when laying up veneers.

873. CHEST STYLE TOOLBOX (Terry Dickinson)  3/2/08
One man's answer for safe and organized storage for finer instruments!

872. TURNING TRAINS (Ron Messersmith)  3/2/08
This accomplished woodworker finds joy in wooden toys.

871. VINTAGE VEHICHLES (Lee Brubaker)  2/24/08
A great way to utilize scraps and help a worthy cause too.

870. A HOME FOR HAND TOOLS (Joaquin Luna)  2/24/08
This box features full-extension drawers without using metal slides.

869. AUTOMATA FEVER (Charles Mak)  2/24/08
UK automata makers inspired these new projects.

868. SAPELE GARDEN BENCH (Jay St. Peter)  1/27/08
This exercise in design is over the top!

867. INNOVATIVE TINKERING (John Nixon)  1/21/08
Come along for a look at the talents of Eagle Lake Woodworking.

866. CHERRY SERPENTINE DESK (Felix B.)  1/21/08
This beautiful desk is a blend of veneered plywood, solids, and cherry veneer.

865. CHERRY AND MAPLE SPICE BOX (Patrick Coleman)  1/13/08
Buying wood from local auctions is not only smart but affordable.

864. ADDING INTEREST (Peter Huisman)  1/13/08
Salvaged timbers add beauty to this new mantelpiece.

863. THE STORY OF MAN (Charles Mak)  1/13/08
This automaton reflects the evolution of mankind.

862. RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES (Charles Mak)  1/13/08
An extension of an earlier theme, this automaton is more complex.

861. GIDDY UP (George Williams)  1/13/08
Built from dimensional pine lumber, it's great for horsing around.

860. BABY'S FIRST FURNITURE (George Williams)  1/13/08
This pair of oak beauties are sure to please.

859. BORG BOOKCASES (Alan Young)  12/3/07
Commonly available materials and skilled hands can produce stunning results.

858. A HOME FOR CLAMPS (Walt Nicholson)  11/23/07
Storage, organization, and mobility make this project a real winner.

857. HEIRLOOM WALNUT CRADLE (Jim Kyle)  11/23/07
Start with a need, find a plan, add wood, some skill, and you're in business!

856. MY CHAIR - YEW CHAIR (Richard Furnas)  11/23/07
This is a heavy-duty chair that sits very comfortably.

855. JUST DO IT (Jeff Rockwell)  11/23/07
Without a shop or major machinery, this woodworker perseveres.

854. DIY REMOTE POWER SWITCH (Ray Lanham)  11/23/07
Making a magnetic base remote switch for the "Mustard Mistress".

853. DIY SWINGING TAILSTOCK (Ray Lanham)  11/23/07
A swing-away tailstock for the "Mustard Mistress".

852. POWERMATIC 3520B UPGRADE (Ray Lanham)  11/4/07
Tool holders and a ballast box compliment the "Mustard Mistress".

851. NEW WORKSHOP (Rick Lasita)  10/28/07
With plenty of natural light, this shop is ready for work.

850. NEW ZEALAND BENCH (Dick Goodwin)  10/28/07
Native hardwoods and sturdy joinery make this a beautiful addition to any shop.

849. MAGAZINE HANGOUT (Charles Mak)  10/28/07
A wall-mounted solution is the answer for small rooms.

848. MOOSE RUNNING (Charles Mak)  10/28/07
This latest automation features a wildlife theme.

847. TAKING CENTER STAGE (Alan Young)  10/21/07
Playing a supporting role can be a rewarding one.

846. BLACK TIE OPTIONAL (Alan Young)  10/1/07
A music stand that's worthy of the best composer!

845. AN ODE TO LEE (Alan Young)  9/24/07
A tribute to inspiration and mentoring gained from the master carver.

844. SYMBOLIC TIMEPIECE (Fred Schock)  9/9/07
Meshing the Arts and religion at Notre Dame University.

843. BARRISTER PEN STAND (Charles Mak)  9/9/07
This display can stand alone or sit in a barrister bookcase.

842. SHAKER SEWING TABLE (Jim Shaver)  8/27/07
A handy shop-made router jig eases several process steps.

841. THE NEANDERTHAL BENCH (George Dart)  8/27/07
This century-old carpenter's bench finds work in a new home.

840. WOOD SHOP TOUR UPDATE (Darren Stevens)  8/27/07
Further improvements add to an already impressive shop.

839. THE 1929 SHOP (Thomas Brown)  8/27/07
This Maryland woodworking shop has a passion for Old Iron.

838. MAHOGANY FEDERAL SIDEBOARD (Thomas Stockton)  8/20/07
An up-close look at many of the processes required to create this masterpiece.

837. EXERCISES IN DESIGN (Joanne Adler)  7/29/07
A Chest on Stand with an artsy and funky flair.

836. FREESTANDING WALL UNITS (Fred Schock)  7/29/07
Filling unused spaces with cabinetry.

835. POTTING BENCH WITH FLAIR (Richard Furnas)  7/29/07
Redwood, cedar, and etched tiles add to the country look.

834. ILLUMINATING NAVAL HISTORY (Robert Clough)  6/17/07
This cherry desk lamp features part of a German battleship.

833. TURNING SCRAP INTO DOLLARS (Charles Mak)  6/17/07
A recent flooring project yields many usable scraps.

832. TASTY TIMEPIECE (W. Patrick Edwards)  6/11/07
A marquetry wizard unveils his latest amazing creation.

831. UPSCALE TOOL TOTE (Rob Brophy)  5/18/07
This send-up of a classic design has a place for everything.

830. COAT TREE (Richard Furnas)  5/13/07
You can hang it on yew.

829. MULTITASK CAPABLE (John Luke)  5/6/07
This setup brings a new meaning to combination machine!

828. PROUDLY CANADIAN (Charles Mak)  5/6/07
A new automata salutes Canada's furry woodworker.

827. MAKING IT INTERESTING (Joanne Adler)  4/29/07
With a master's help, this project comes to life.

826. A GODFATHER'S GIFT (John Britz)  4/29/07
Appliqués and grain pattern enhance the look of this project.

825. GARDENIA SIDEBOARD (Craig Thibodeau)  4/22/07
This awe-inspiring sideboard features exquisite marquetry.

824. A PARISH REBORN II (Pete LaBelle)  4/22/07
Volunteers rebuild a second Katrina-damaged church.

823. SPALTED DREAMS II (Rick Phillips)  4/22/07
A couple of "old guys" having more fun!

822. DONE IN A WEEKEND (Charles Mak)  4/22/07
A quick project allows time for beautiful vistas.

821. ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT WORKTABLE (Ray Haggerty)  3/25/07
Combining an old dentist's chair with a worktop has its ups and downs!

820. DEMILUNE DELIGHTS (Derek Cohen)  3/11/07
Clean and simple lines provide the key to these beautiful tables.

819. GRIZZLY DETAILS (Robert Hayes)  3/4/07
Putting together a new shop begins with the machinery.

817. LESSONS LEARNED (Paul Kramer)  2/4/07
As this project evolved, so did certain skills.

816. MULTIFUNCTIONAL SPLENDOR (Jim Shaver)  2/4/07
The design features influences of the Greene and Greene style.

815. WALNUT DREAMS (Ken Kimura)  2/4/07
A sleeping beauty in walnut, made in temporary quarters.

814. OUT OF THE CLOSET (Michel Hawkes)  1/23/07
Adding a table to teach a new generation the game of chess.

813. FIRST ISSUE (John Richards)  1/23/07
This sculpted figured cherry rocker sold before its completion.

812. TOGETHER IN TIME (George Dart)  1/23/07
A Regulator style wall clock marks a special anniversary.

811. NO CRIB FOR A BED (Mike Delfuoco)  1/23/076
Construction considerations abound in this project.

810. SECOND ENTRANCE (George Dart)  12/27/06
This beautiful cherry secretary began with a misfortune.

809. ENDODONTIC CABINET (Ray Haggerty)  12/17/06
A woodworker's dream or a patient's nightmare?

808. PA DUTCH CHEST (Mark Beckert)  12/17/06
A splendid use of scrap and shop time!

807. BUILDING ON HISTORY (Alan Young)  12/17/06
A challenge is designing and building a wall bookcase where architectural details abound.

806. KING OF THE MILL (Aurèle Delaurier)  12/3/06
So, put a little more pepper into it!

My Conover Workshops class proved to be fun and educational.

804. SHOP EVOLUTION (John C. Lucas)  11/26/06
Setting up a workshop in a working space requires time and planning.

803. GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES (Charles Mak)  11/26/06
Using inexpensive or free materials for your projects can be rewarding.

802. TIME MANAGEMENT SECRET (Charles Mak)  11/6/06
A Whatever Clock keeps shop time enjoyable.

801. INDYFEST 2006! (Ellis Walentine)  10/13/06
Ray and Lynn Thompson host a phenomenal woodworking weekend in the Indiana heartland.

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