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SHOTS #701 - #800

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800. WOOD SHOP TOUR (Darren Stevens)  10/2/06
Furnishing their home with hand crafted furniture is next on the list.

799. HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS (Charles Mak)  10/2/06
Turn these little gifts to make your friends turn heads.

798. MARQUETRY TOUR DE FORCE (W. Patrick Edwards)  9/29/06
An extravagant modern rendition of a 17th-Century antique.

797. RETURN TO GLORY (Rick Van Schoick)  9/11/06
A fine example of giving old furniture new life.

796. CHERRY KNEELING BENCHES (Ian McNeill)  9/1/06
The inspiration came from an older bench used for years.

795. BUILDING CONFIDENCE (Mike Pollack)  8/28/06
A daughter's graduation gift sports some distictive joinery.

794. PORTABLE WRITING DESK (Chad Boehlke)  8/21/06
The inspiration came from a Georgian-styled 1800's original.

793. PROJECT "DOVETAIL" (Johanna Johanson)  8/7/06
This tool chest stays true to the 1808 Shaker original.

792. IN PERFECT HARMONY (Johanna Johanson)  8/7/06
This new bookcase headboard meets all the requirements.

791. CHERRY JEWELRY CASE (Lee Schierer)  8/7/06
Some of the cherry was a gift and some was salvaged.

790. SEGMENTED BOWL AND LID (Mike Brown)  8/7/06
After turning others, this is still my favorite.

789. STORING THE GOODS (Grant Smith)  7/31/06
Strength and flexibility are keys for this lumber storage system.

788. SIMPLE BUT USEFUL (Robert Clough)  7/31/06
Everyday wooden items that often go unnoticed.

787. LIE-NIELSEN TOOLWORKS TURNS 25! (Ellis Walentine)  7/18/06
Commemorating a quarter century of planemaking history.

786. PICKS UP MORE THAN SPIRITS (Robert Rutkowski)  6/26/06
A passion for cranes helps terminally ill children.

785. MILL YOUR OWN (Daren Nelson)  6/26/06
A bandsaw mill adds another dimension to woodworking.

784. SHE'S GOT CURVES AND A NICE FIGURE (Dewayne Baker)  6/26/06
Jigs and template routing create this beautiful quit rack.

783. ONE-MAN CABINET SHOP (Barry Innerarity)  5/8/06
Attention to details helps keep this enlarged space clean.

782. FIELD OF DREAMS (David Lykins)  4/24/06
A project riddled with challenges turns out lovely.

781. WALNUT DRESSER (Del Schisler)  4/24/06
After 19 years in storage, this walnut finds a purpose.

780. NO PLAIN CASE (Robert Clough)  4/24/06
A home for a vintage Stanley #45.

779. PICTURE FRAMES THAT WOW (Charles Mak)  4/24/06
Accent strips create interest in these frames.

778. PASSING IT ON (R. John Bissell)  4/24/06
Two woodworkers are linked by the wood in this workbench.

777. FLYER HYDRANT (Aurčle Delaurier)  4/8/06
This hydrant is strickly for the birds.

776. FIGURED BUBINGA PLATTER (Bernie McGivern)  3/27/06
This plate serves up plenty of beauty.

775. INTRICATE SCROLLWORK (Rob Overton)  3/27/06
A walnut clock captured the interest of this scroll saw artist.

774. CHERRY WEDDING CLOCK (Mark Beckert)  3/20/06
A bell movement that can be silenced keeps the peace!

773. CONVERTABLE CHANGING TABLE (Dewayne Baker)  3/20/06
This is a clever design for changing needs.

772. FRAME AND PANEL TOOLBOX (Paul Blackwell)  3/20/06
What a lovely home for hand tools.

771. WORKING IN AN UNDERBUILT (Colin Spencer)  3/13/06
A peak into a Spanish turner's workshop.

770. CORA'S TREASURE TRUNK (George Dart)  3/13/06
Featuring a coopered lid and frame and panel construction.

769. CHRISTMAS GRANDMOTHER CLOCK (George Dart)  3/13/06
Keeps time and secrets.

768. A STITCH IN TIME (Peter Cavacece)  3/13/06
Embroidery adds an elegant touch to pine shelves.

767. A TICKET TO RIDE (Jason Young)  2/13/06
This project challenged my shop's verticle space.

766. TOUR UPDATE (Bob Huddleston)  2/13/06
Shop improvements create a better workspace.

765. VARIATION IN STYLE (Dave Curl)  2/13/06
A not-so-normal construction method creates a stylish table.

764. CHERRY HANGING CRADLE (Robert Clough)  2/6/06
Inspired by a previous Shop Shot.

763. CRAFTY CONVERSION (Bob Meehan)  2/6/06
How I turned a dump discard into cleaner shop air.

762. JATOBA SPLENDOR (James Dillon)  1/30/06
Influenced by several well-known craftsmen.

761. A HOME FOR OLD VINYL (Dave Griessmann)  1/23/06
Featuring traditional joinery throughout.

760. EXPLORING OPTIONS (Norm Pageau)  1/23/06
Being creative in the quest for wood.

759. SHOP ON A SHOESTRING (Tom MacGregor)  1/23/06
It takes a little resourceful ingenuity.

758. BIRDHOUSE GRANDE (Dave Tulluck)  1/16/06
Large scale building on a shoestring.

757. A PARISH REBORN (Pete LaBelle)  1/16/06
Volunteers provide hope for storm damaged church.

756. BENTWOOD BEAUTIES (Bruce Brown)  1/16/06
Design changes please the eyes and the back.

755. LIFE POOL SCOREBOARD (Brian Bushfield)  1/9/06
Just the ticket for a game of Old English Pool.

754. AUTOMATA (Charles Mak)  1/9/06
It brings out the child in us all.

753. BOSTON QUEEN ANNE SIDE CHAIR (Ken Culley)  1/9/06
Shaping a classic by hand.

752. PINE BLANKET CHEST (David Richmond)  1/9/06
Carving adds flair to a simple six-board chest.

751. FABULOUS WALNUT WALL UNIT (Fred Schock)  12/21/05
Filling an unused space with cabinetry.

750. WALNUT AND FIGURED MAPLE TABLE (Mathew Blubaugh)  12/21/05
One of several recent projects completed.

749. HONORING A VETERAN (Donnie Stowe)  12/21/05
Walnut, bubinga, and brass adorn this special project.

748. COMPLETE CHERRY NURSERY (Brian McKinney)  12/5/05
Four pieces in warm native cherry.

747.CHERRY BLANKET CHEST (Robert Clough)  12/5/05
Locally cut cherry adds a special touch.

746. KATHY'S CEDAR CHEST (George Dart)  12/5/05
Featuring miniature hand-carved cabriole legs.

745. CARVING A LOVE AFFAIR (David Greenway)  11/21/05
Never letting inexperience get in the way!

744. WALNUT SHELF CLOCK (Mark Beckert)  11/21/05
Shares features found in many tall case clocks.

743. OUTDOOR GRILLIN' (Hal Thomas)  11/21/05
Two woods that will survive the weather.

742. ANTIQUE HOODED CRADLE (Robert Clough)  11/14/05
A lovely heirloom withstands the tests of time.

741. SPALTED DREAMS (Rick Phillips)  11/14/05
A couple of "old guys" having some fun!

740. TRIANGULAR SOFA TABLE (Mike Pollack)  11/14/05
The result of challenging ones skills.

739. OAK MANTLE AND SURROUND (Bryan Cowing)  11/7/05
A warm look to a once cold corner.

738. CELESTIAL SERIES (Herbert Cohen)  11/7/05
Sculptures with an eye towards the universe.

737. UFO SIGHTING (Aurele Delaurier)  11/7/05
A wooden craft that's out of this world.

736. MAPLE FOUR POSTER BED (Bryan Cowing)  10/24/05
Based on a plan from Shopsmith Magazine.

735. NEW DIRECTION (Pansy Kline)  10/24/05
Discovering woodworking adds to this artist's skills.

734. CLOCK CRAZY (JR Beall)  10/16/05
A tool maker with a passion for wooden clocks.

733. SOFT SOUTHERN COMFORT (John Richards)  10/16/05
A demonstration of caring.

732. A FAMILY AFFAIR (Mathew Blubaugh)  10/16/05
This shop's owners span three generations.

731. CHERRY AND MAPLE ISLAND (Paul DeWitt)  10/16/05
Subassemblies are the answer to moving large projects.

730. ALASKA TAILS (Scott Patterson)  9/19/05
Unique employee retirement gifts from a scroll saw.

729. SCULPTED COMFORT (John Richards)  9/19/05
A project chair sculpted to fit the builder.

728. "ARBORESCENT" DESK (Keith Newton)  9/19/05
A magnificent mahogany creation titled, "Coming Home to Roost".

727. STURDY WORKBENCH (Doug Ludin)  8/29/05
Based on a design by Lon Schleining.

726. CHESTER COUNTY CHEST (Dave Griessmann)  8/29/05
Another Glen Huey-inspired project.

725. A TIGHT FIT (John Wright)  8/29/05
An oak TV cabinet made to order.

724. THE DAILY GRIND (Bill Crommett)  8/29/05
Surplus appliance motors power this dedicated setup.

723. RIDDLE ME THIS (Aurele Delaurier)  8/8/05
Solve the riddle and open the secret drawer.

722. TO HONOR AND REMEMBER (Jim Shaver)  8/8/05
Shadow boxes preserve a family's dedication to serve.

721. FINE DINING (George Dart)  8/8/05
Building a roomful of furniture to fit needs and space.

720. HOME FOR KNICK KNACKS (Terry Pannell)  8/8/05
Inspired by a spiral staircase.

719. WALNUT AND CHERRY GAME TABLE (H.C. Sakman)  7/25/05
Pushing the threshold of proportions.

718. BUBINGA AND MAPLE TABLE (H.C. Sakman)  7/25/05
A bold experiment in coloring maple.

717. WORMY MAPLE TABLE (Jeff Moyers)  7/25/05
A big project from a cramped shop.

716. MYSTERY WOOD (Donnie Stowe)  7/25/05
A corner cabinet from salvaged shipping pallets.

715. POWERFUL BULLDOG (Dave Nichols)  7/11/05
A Mack B-81 tractor, lowboy trailer, and bulldozer.

714. ORLANDO BBQ WITH DAVID MARKS (Mike Fitterling)  6/30/05
Forum woodworkers get together to share food and fun.

713. FIRSTS FROM A NEW SHOP (Paul DeWitt)  6/24/05
A beautiful piece of spalted maple provides inspiration.

712. LIKE A ROCK (Ed Runci)  6/5/05
This 30-year woodworker finally has a rock solid bench.

711. SIX STRING BEAUTY (David Lykins)  6/5/05
Building custom guitars has its challenges.

710. WALL-HUNG LIBRARY UNIT (Andre' Mogilevsky)  5/9/05
Creating a spacious home for books.

709. WALL CABINET WITH A CATCH (Ellis Walentine)  4/24/05
A unique latch system keeps little ones out.

708. MAPLE BLANKET CHEST (William Chen)  4/24/05
A curly maple top adds distinction.

707. WALNUT CORNER CABINET (Mike Hide)  4/24/05
A skillfull reproduction from Gottshall's drawings.

706. CARVING LARGE (Bud Segl)  4/18/05
Beginning carvers may find this scale ideal.

705. SURPASSING EXPECTATION (Hal Shearer)  4/18/05
This design goes well beyond a box.

704. FIRST MORRIS CHAIR (Todd Makenzie)  4/11/05
Even Morris the Cat would like it.

703. INSPIRED TO ROCK (Bernie Simmons)  4/11/05
Learning new skills in a short time.

702. FINGER JOINT JIG MODIFICATIONS (Dominic Greco)  4/3/05
A router master plants the seads for a solution.

701. A CANOE FOR SAILING (Larry Graubner)  4/3/05
Inspired by the 1920's era Old Town canoes.

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