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SHOTS #101 - #200

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SHOT #200! TURNS FOR THE BETTER  (John Cotten)  1/31/01
A gallery of turnings from WoodCentral veteran, John Cotten.

TABLE BIRDS  (Doug & Mary Ridley)  1/31/01
Capable carvings on stately stands.

PERSONALIZED GUITAR  (Allen Hanford)  1/31/01
Artful details improve a classic design.

SUPER SPICE STORAGE  (Alan Young)  1/30/01
CAD drawings ensure that these racks slide smoothly.

DELUXE NURSERY SUITE  (Jason Falejczyk)  1/18/01
Dad goes all out for the new arrival.

DOUBLE-DOG BENCH  (Bob Berner)  1/3/01
Knockdown construction and a twin-screw vise distinguish this workhorse.

COMMUNION KIT  (Rennie Heuer)  12/29/00
A personal gift that keeps on giving.

PLANTATION DESK  (Al Sweet)  12/29/00
A vernacular form that began with a standing tree.

A CORNER FOR SHARPENING  (Wolf Kiessling)  12/29/00
The heart of this system is the John Burke machine.

SUPERELLIPTICAL TABLES  (Clint Searl)  12/21/00
These shapes are determined by tweaking a common geometrical formula.

HEAR YE...AND PASS THE HAT  (Larry Hancock)  12/21/00
A sampling of turned work.

A CASE FOR OLD GLORY  (Bob Berner)  12/21/00
Pocket screws make it knock-down.

DOLL'S COT  (Rob Scrimgeour)  12/21/00
A pierced alder cradle from South Africa.

UPHOLSTERED SETTEE  (Tony Leonard)  12/21/00
Solid Comfort on a joined poplar frame.

FIRST THINGS FIRST  (Adam McGough)  12/21/00
A colossal bed for a first apartment.

HANGING CHADS  (Joe Doker)  12/21/00
A whimsical sculpture foretells a debacle.

THE KITCHEN WITH EVERYTHING  (Bill Larson)  12/21/00
Granite counters and low-voltage lights top the list of features.

A POTPOURRI OF PROJECTS  (Alan Young)  12/20/00
...and it all started with Grampa.

GRANDPOP COMES THROUGH!  (Mike Cox)  12/20/00
Not just any nursery furniture for this kid!

CHECKMATE!  (Barb Siddiqui)  12/20/00
The endgame is an exercise in precision.

CARVING IS A FAMILY AFFAIR  (Doug Ridley)  12/19/00
Teaming up to produce some beautiful work.

INGENIOUS SOLUTION  (Paul Vander Woude)  12/19/00
This storage cabinet keeps power tool cords organized.

WEDDING CHEST  (Mike Grennier)  12/19/00
A cherry and maple blanket chest from Norm's plans.

UNUSUAL GIFTS  (Paul Mosteller)  12/19/00
A 'flicker lantern' and a golf-ball stand will brighten someone's Christmas.

CURLY CHERRY CABINET  (Jim Williams)  12/19/00
A luscious commission that's anything but ordinary.

ICEBOX SIDEBOARD  (A.J. Hamler)  12/19/00
A contemporary classic patterned after an old-fashioned original.

A CARVING PORTFOLIO  (Wolf Kiessling)  12/19/00
Bust, dragons...whatever comes to mind.

WORTH THE EFFORT  (Bob Chapman)  12/10/00
A kitchen that started from behind scratch.

VIBRANT TANSU  (Clint Searl)  12/10/00
Metallic patinas and dye oxides make this chest simmer.

A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING  (Michael Louthan)  12/6/00
This 960-square-foot dream shop is a triumph of planning.

SYMPHONIUM STAND  (Bill Grumbine)  12/6/00
A table tailored to a 19th Centruy relic.

A WORK IN PROGRESS  (Basil Bailey)  11/22/00
This pedestal table is a study in contrasting woods.

HEPPLEWHITE TABLE  (W. Patrick Edwards)  11/5/00
You've never seen Cedar-of-Lebanon like this!

CHRISTMAS IN MAY  (Duncan Nickles)  11/5/00
A beautiful red oak toybox is welcome anytime.

OFF TO THE RACES  (Lester Gillett)  10/31/00
Salvaged wood goes the extra furlong.

GARDEN SWING  (John Olenik)  10/29/00
Recreating a childhood memory with a little help from Norm.

A GIFT OF LOVE  (Barb Siddiqui)  10/22/00
A birds-eye maple lullaby with a coincidental history.

PUZZLE MALLET  (Stephen Shepherd)  9/10/00
A historical woodworking conundrum.

OFF TO THE RACES!  (Dayl Gable)  9/10/00
This carved rocking horse is an engineering breakthrough.

SOUPED UP SHAPER  (Ken Roberts)  9/10/00
Add an Incra Twin and a Baby feeder for heavy-duty precision.

COFFEE TABLE  (Harvey Klene)  9/10/00
Breadboard ends and a painted base are the highlights of this small table.

THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!  (Paul Anthony)  9/10/00
Purpleheart and maple with Deco detailing.

READY, SET, SEW!  (Ron MacKenzie)  9/10/00
A useful cabinet for only $10,000.

PRESENTATION BOX  (Ellis Walentine)  9/3/00
A fitting container for a valuable gift.

CIGARS NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD  (David Frame, Jr.)  9/2/00
This humidor is a symphony of lovely woods.

SUBTLE ELEGANCE  (Barbara Gill)  9/1/00
Understated fan details and parquetry grace this oak floor.

SOLID COMFORT  (Lester Gillett)  8/31/00
This rocker is made from recycled pallets.

Photos and commentary from a recent visit.

ORDER FROM CHAOS  (Alan Young)  8/25/00
This narrow basement shop turns out beautiful work.

GETTING A GRIP  (Larry Williams)  8/25/00
Taller tools give you better angular feedback.

#150: "SHAKER TRAY"  (Bob Berner)  8/8/00
A dazzling twist on a classic.

"WISHING WELL"  (Bruce Johnston)  8/8/00
Making a wish for a tablesaw come true.

Oak-and-copper sconces complement the Arts & Crafts style of this makeover.

"DESERT GATHERING"  (Ellis Walentine)  7/25/00
Carol Reed hosts the first Southern California WoodCentral get-together.

"GETTING A GRIP ON THE PC7529"  (Eddie Pacheco)  7/19/00
This press-fit knob improves on the adjustability of a good router.

"QUEBEC LADDERBACK CHAIR"  (Stephen Shepherd)  7/16/00
A worthy replica of a vernacular furniture form

"TIMELY GIFTS"  (Joe Lehman)  7/7/00
Who says you need fancy equipment to make beautiful things?

"NEW LIFE FOR A CLASSIC BANDSAW"  (Ken Kimura)  7/7/00
Some TLC and new blade guides were all it took.

Steamer chests from recycled pallets.

"PREPARING FOR RETIREMENT: Part 3"  (Mike Callihan)  6/25/00
Pre-wiring the shop of a lifetime.

"A DRESSER FOR POSTERITY"  (Andy Lincoln)  6/25/00
Walnut solids and veneers combine to make an heirloom.

"TOMMY KIRK: PARQUETRY WIZARD!"  (by Basil Bailey)  6/3/00
Patience, skill and thousands of pieces of wood add up to outrageous visual displays.

"TABLES FOR THE KIDS"  (Basil Bailey)  6/3/00
Home-grown lumber and fancy parquetry distinguish these great little tables.

"FUN ON THE FARM"  (Basil Bailey)  6/3/00
Living the good life in South Carolina.

"RING SHAKE vs WIND SHAKE"  (John Cotten)  6/3/00
If a picture is worth a thousand words...

"A LIFE OF SAWDUST"  (Virgil Johnson)  5/18/00
Great craftsmen start young.

Plans from Rockler pay off.

"TWO SWEET REPROS"  (Michael Andrews)  5/13/00
A walnut clock and a mahogany lowboy.

"IT ALL STARTED WITH A VANITY"  (Bob Berner)  5/13/00
One good cabinet leads to another, and another...

"THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT"  (Tim Steflik)  5/13/00
Now, what to do with all the dough he saved?

"CHERRY HUTCH"  (Doug Recko)  4/18/00
Problem solved; no plans needed.

"GORGEOUS DOLL FURNITURE!"  (Dan Donaldson)  4/18/00
Only the best will do for this doll.

"ELK TOOLBOX"  (Danny Bingham)  4/18/00
A marquetry tribute to the mighty elk.

"OVERDUE BEDSIDE TABLES"  (David Frame)  4/18/00
...and a new life for old Singer knobs.

"PREPARING FOR RETIREMENT (Part 2)"  (Mike Callihan)  3/23/00
The dream shop progresses.

"WOODEN RAILS!"  (John Cotten)  3/21/00
Tanner & Delaney steam locomotive went where steel rails never tread.

"A BENCH OF MANY COLORS"  (Neil Yeager)  3/21/00
Exotic and domestic woods dress up this built-from-plans workbench.

"KINEMATIC JIG DESIGN"  (Steve Strickland)  3/7/00
Understanding the science behind super-accurate tolerances.

A dramatic roofline named for a tractor-trailer.

"DRESSING UP A FIREPLACE IN STYLE"  (Frank Ashmore)  2/27/00
Poplar never looked this good.

"NOT YOUR EVERYDAY TV CABINET"  (Frank Ashmore)  2/26/00
Classic styling, modern function.

A "clean-air" system using Clean Stream filters.

"SIZZLIN' MAPLE BLANKET CHEST"  (Joe Lehman)  2/19/00
Figured wood makes this Christmas present sparkle.

"MOTHER OF ALL LION TRIMMERS"  (Jeff McVey)  2/18/00
An elegantly simple 19th-Century device gets a new life.

"SAVING A CLASSIC MACHINE"  (Craig Chappelow)  2/18/00
This jointer restoration was worth the effort.

"KENTUCKY WALL CLOCKS"  (Virgil Johnson)  2/18/00
Special boards put their best faces forward.

"GOOD AS NEW"  (Kevin Hancock)  2/18/00
Restoring priceless pianos is an involved process.

"HANGING DUST SUCKER"  (Forrest Addy)  2/11/00
And you thought flannel was only good for shirts!

"CARVINGS AND MORE"  (Barb Siddiqui)  2/11/00
A mini-gallery from a lady with many woodworking interests.

"SHOP-BUILT DRUM SANDER"  (Chris Knob)  2/11/00
Why buy one when you can build it yourself?

"WHEN IN GERMANY..."  (Glenn Andersen)  1/25/00
A portfolio from a displaced Yankee with a German woodworking degree.

"MISSION END TABLE"  (Kirk Eppler)  1/19/00
Careful finishing makes it look authentic.

"ACOUSTIC BASS GUITAR"  (Dan Donaldson)  1/18/00
A fitting project for a special board.

"TRAPEZOIDS GALORE!"  (Tony O'Malley)  1/18/00
Not your everyday homework desk.

"A FASCINATION WITH PUZZLES"  ("Doc Jim" Follette)  1/13/00
Five not-so-easy pieces from a specialist.

"CROTCH-WALNUT TOOL CHEST"  (Randy Stukenberg)  1/13/00
A new life for some incredible 50-year-old lumber.

"CHERRY BLANKET CHEST"  (Mike Kelly)  1/10/00
A monument in cherry for a special daughter.

"CHERRY CHINA CLOSET"  (Frank Grambo)  1/6/00
The rubbed finish makes the difference.

"FLAG CASE JOINTS"  (Dale Lenz)  REVISED 1/6/00
Spline miters reinforce and beautify these production items.

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